It is the end of the year and this will be my last blog post for the year. So I thought I’d go over a few things and also talk about where we are and where we are going with

First off, “Based on science” is a thing that I put on our home page, and it has been a topic of conversation lately. We’ll be changing the way we say that, but I also want to take a minute and explain what we meant by it.

The Scientific Method.

What it meant in the past is that we want to build using the scientific method to help people gain control and make progress in their lives. It doesn’t mean that we are doctors, scientists, or behavior therapists . It simply means that we are going about this scientifically in the sense that we are learning from our customers behavior what best helps them succeed. As we go on, each feature we add will be measured by the question: “Did it help our customers succeed?”. That feature will then live or die by the result.

It also means that we leverage studies and existing research and methods of setting habits when we are looking at feature development.

At this point it isn’t very obvious how we are doing that, so I’ll be rewording it shortly.

In 2018, our primary focus has been on building the platform. There is a surprising amount of time and energy that goes into building the site for the first time. That means all the stuff that lets you log in/out, figuring out how we will deploy and test our code. It means setting up servers, load balancing, backups, all the design work on the front end web site and the blog. Our scientific method thus far has been watching people try to use the site and then reworking things until it was working well.

But we did it, and now we are getting ready to start building more exciting things. Our first feature of the year is going to allow you to reply to your Habitgrams with a success or failure response. This will let you track your success and failure rate.

On your side, you will be able to see how you have been doing over time.

For us, it lets us see how successful people are in building habits using Habitgrams. That is the cornerstone of our mission. It allows us to learn whether we are helping people build habits, and how effective we are being. In the future, our features will live or die by whether they are helping you succeed or not.

So we’re excited about that! We’re starting these new functions after the new year begins and should have something to release in the next few weeks. So keep an eye out, and have a happy and safe new year!