Earlier this summer Phil came into our office and said “Hey, lets grab some dinner - I’ve got an idea to bounce off of you.” Tres tamales y dos cervezas later and I’m part of the plan.

My name is Jonathan, and I met Phil several years ago by random chance. (I made a pizza for him - but the “how we met” story is for another post.) We hit it right off. Phil was with a local Linux users group and I’ve loved Unix and Unix-like OSes since I used Solaris in college. Heck, I used Red-Hat back when one of the languages in the installer was “redneck”. Over the years Phil and I have played darts, jammed with guitars, done electronics projects, and cruised back-roads listening to great music. But until now we’ve never had the opportunity to work on a programming project together.

It’s a no-brainer really. We’re building the app that I want to use. Over the years I’ve used just about every calendar, to-do list, productivity timer, and personal scheduling package that’s out there. There are some really great ones and some… well… not so much. But I’ve never found anything like what we’re building - and I’ve certainly been looking for it. I think you’re gonna love it.

I’m not going to go too deep yet on exactly what we’re rolling out… When we’re a bit closer we’ll reveal more - and that’ll be sooner rather than later. But I’ll finish my little self introduction with a great line from Tank:

It’s a very exciting time. We’ve got a lot to do. We gotta get to it.